Our Foundation

Giving to LCMH

Lay the Foundation for LCMH's future: Your gift today is tomorrow's legacy. You make the difference when you give to LCMH - for Patients, Staff, and the entire Community. 

The Lawrence County Memorial Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to promote, develop and enhance the ongoing operation of health care at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital. The efforts of the Foundation provide a base for present and future quality health care programs. The LCMH Foundation consists of community volunteers working toward a common goal to develop new partnerships and supporters sharing a common vision: Meeting and exceeding current health care needs and providing for future generations to come. 

To mail your donation: Please make check payable to E & D Foundation for LCMH and mail to:

Lawrence County Memorial Hospital
2200 State St 
Lawrenceville IL 62439

You are always welcome to bring your donation to the hospital switchboard.

If you would like to donate by Credit Card, please call 943-1000 and talk with the Operator or come to the switchboard at the hospital.

Endowment & Development Board of Directors

  • Carl Aten

  • Debbie Miller

  • Liz Bootman

  • Becky Gray

  • Gayle Billingsley

  • John Hamilton

  • Margaret Brian

  • Janet Kavanaugh

  • Becky Nestleroad

  • Kevin Strange

  • Birgit Volk

  • Deb Weger

  • Derek McCullough