Providers and Physician Recruitment

Valerie A Burns, MD      

 Family Practice 618-943-7214 618-943-7264
Gary Carr, MD
 Family Practice 618-943-2609 618-943-6409

Vittorio Guerriero, MD

General Surgery

Rachel Winters, MD   Family Practice 618-943-6202 888-840-5393

Tanna McCullough, RN, FNP

 Family Practice 618-943-7214  

Carol Weiler, RN, PA-C

 Family Practice 618-943-7280  
Anastasia Ralston, CNP
 Family Practice 618-943-7214 618-943-7264
Julko Fullop, MD
 Orthopaedic Surgery 618-707-4360            618-943-3111
Karsten Slater, MD
 Orthopaedic Surgery 618-707-4360 618-943-3111
Wagih A. Satar, MD
 Ophthalmology 618-943-5713
Robert T. Walsh, DO
 Gynecology 618-943-7280  618-943-7214
 Katie Clark, RN, NP
 Family Practice 618-943-7214 618-943-7264
Julia Corwin, PA-C
Orthopaedic Surgery 618-707-4360 618-943-3111 

Steven Ramsaran, MD

Family Practice



R.J. Loesch, MD  Podiatry 618-943-7214 or
Martin Goldstone, MD
 Emergency Medicine 618-943-1000  
Miguel Vega, MD
 Gynecology 618-943-7214                         

Chelsea Hon, PA-C
 Orthopaedic Surgery 618-707-4360  618-943-3111
Clinical Radiology Group
 Radiology 618-943-7263  
Tracy Ramsey, RN, NP                     
Family Practice 618-943-7214 618-943-7219



Physician Recruitment

In our growing market, Lawrence County Memorial Hospital is always looking to facilitate an adequate number of physicians to ensure our patient population has the coverage required. If you are interested in this market area as well as an excellent growth opportunity, we would love to talk with you.

Lawrenceville, Illinois, is located in the south central part of the state where we celebrate all four seasons. We live in an area that has a blend of metropolitan access and small-town charm that is peaceful with no traffic jams or long lines, but is still central to many metro areas such as Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Nashville. Lawrence County offers a low cost of living with affordable housing, a relaxed countryside lifestyle, golf, tennis, hunting, camping and fishing along with proximity to pro-sports, theatres, amusement parks, shopping, and fine dining.

Our new 10,000 square foot state of the art surgery center opened in early 2014, providing a local option for our patients’ surgery needs. The Emergency Department was built and opened in 2004, providing immediate services for all emergencies, small and large.
Our hospital is sixty years young, and moving forward with programs and technology.

What better place to practice medicine than in a modern, clean facility rich in county history.

Submit your CV to:
Don Robbins, CEO
Lawrence County Memorial Hospital
2200 State St.
Lawrenceville, IL 62439
Email: drobbins@lcmhosp.org
Fax: (618) 943-7233
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