Our Foundation

Giving to LCMH

Lay the Foundation for LCMH's future: Your gift today is tomorrow's legacy. You make the difference when you give to LCMH - for Patients, Staff, and the entire Community.

The Lawrence County Memorial Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to promote, develop and enhance the ongoing operation of health care at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital. The efforts of the Foundation provide a base for present and future quality health care programs. The LCMH Foundation consists of community volunteers working toward a common goal to develop new partnerships and supporters sharing a common vision: Meeting and exceeding current health care needs and providing for future generations to come.

To mail your donation: Please make check payable to E & D Foundation for LCMH and mail to:

Lawrence County Memorial Hospital
2200 West State St
Lawrenceville IL 62439

You are always welcome to bring your donation to the hospital switchboard.

Endowment & Development Board of Directors

  • Carl Aten
  • Ed Brumley
  • Liz Bootman
  • Becky Gray
  • John Hamilton
  • Margaret Brian
  • Janet Kavanaugh
  • Becky Nestleroad
  • Kevin Strange
  • Birgit Volk
  • Deb Weger
  • Derek McCullough
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